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4th Annual Ocean City Inshore Challenge

1. Registration & Eligibility: Individuals may register for the tournament at any time. Entrants must be registered and all fees paid prior to fishing. All registrations must be submitted by mail or directly and in person to a tournament official. Do not submit registrations to any weigh station. Mail-in registrations shall be effective one calendar day after the postmark date. Affiliation with Ocean Events, Inc., the tournament, or its sponsors shall not affect eligibility. Entrants employed by any weigh station must have their fish weighed at another location.

2. Fishing Days and Fishing Time: Tournament fishing begins 12:00 am May 1. All fish must be weighed by 4:00 pm November 30.

3. Tackle Requirements: Fish must be landed using hook and line, rod and reel. Entrant must hook and fight his/her own fish and maintain possession of the rod until the fish is landed.

4. Fishing Grounds: Tournament boundaries are the coastal bays and inshore waters from Rehoboth Beach, DE to the Maryland-Virginia state line. All fish must be hooked within 3 nautical miles of shore. Entrants may fish from land or boat.

5. Weigh-In: All fish must be weighed at a tournament approved weigh station: Ake Marine, Captain Mac's, Skip's Bait and Tackle, Sunset Provisions, Hookem� and Cookem�, Old Inlet Bait & Tackle and Bahia Marina. An official catch report must be completed and signed by both the entrant and weighmaster. Qualifying fish must be photographed with photos submitted to the tournament within 10 days of weigh-in.

Weigh stations are not responsible for taking photos.
It is recommended that catch reports/photos be submitted by mail.

6. Disqualification: Attempted weight alteration or failure to abide by any tournament rules will result in disqualification. If any portion of the rules is unclear please contact the tournament for clarification. All Entrants must observe and obey all federal and local fishing regulations in order to remain eligible for prize money.

7. Disputes: Disputes regarding any qualifying catch must be made in writing and submitted to the tournament within 14 days of the disputed fish being weighed. Disputes must include written details regarding the catch in question as well as $100 check or money order made payable to Ocean Events, Inc. Fee will be refunded only if the ruling is in favor of protester. Dispute outcome will be resolved at the discretion of the Tournament Director. All decisions are final.

8. Polygraph Testing: At the tournament's discretion, polygraph tests may be administered to the winners. Refusal to submit to such tests will result in disqualification. By signing the entry form, entrant agrees to accept the final decision of polygraph tests.

9. Entry Fees:
Basic Entry $35

Added Entries
Winner Take-All Level $30
Flounder Level F $20
Trout Level T $20
Rockfish Level R $20
Bluefish Level B $20
Tautog Level TOG $20

10. Payout Schedule: Eighty percent of entry fees will be paid out as follows:

Basic Entry Prize Money
Basic Entry Prize money will be awarded across the categories of Flounder, Rockfish, Bluefish and Trout. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category will each receive 17%, 5% and 3% respectively. Prize money will be divided equally between entrants with tying fish.

Added Entry Level Prize Money
Prize money in levels F, T, R, B and TOG will be paid out 50/30/20 to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. Winner Take-All Level prize money will be paid out 25% to the heaviest fish in each category excluding TOG. Prize money will be divided equally between entrants with tying fish.

11. Minimum Size: All qualifying fish must meet the following size requirements:

Flounder Level F 20 in.
Trout Level T 18 in.
Rockfish Level R 34 in.
Bluefish Level B 18 in.
Tautog Level TOG 16 in.


12. Notice of Release: By entering the tournament, participants do Release, Discharge, and Hold Harmless Ocean Events, Inc., The Tournament and all its sponsors, of and from all claims, demands, causes of action, and legal liability due to the Tournament's and/or its Associates' ordinary negligence.


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